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With Cybersecurity Top of Mind in 2017, How Will You Protect Your Data?

Is your data at threat ? How much value do you place on it ? Lets discover together an easy cost effective way to add an extra layer of protection.

According to ESG’s annual IT Spending Intentions research:
  • Two of the top five IT initiatives for 2017 are improving cybersecurity and improving data backup and recovery.
  • The top two business drivers affecting IT strategy are cybersecurity and reducing costs.
  • When organizations intend to reduce costs, their number one answer was increasing the use of cloud.
  • When asked how organizations intend to use cloud-based infrastructure, data backup and BC/DR topped the list (for yet another year).

When you lay out the data, a future that includes cloud-based data protection seems inevitable–until the naysayers point at all of the lists that show security issues and thereby veto cloud-based anything as being less secure than whatever IT is running within your own environment. But are clouds really less secure? Unfortunately, since there isn’t “a cloud” but many types of cloud-based services, the answer really is “it depends” on a great number of factors and underlying technologies.

So, where do you go from here?

  • Should you be hyper-concerned about security? YES.
  • Can putting your data in someone else’s facility potentially create additional exposure? YES!
  • But… knowing that the real innovators in cloud-services have been dealing with those concerns through rigorous security technologies built into their foundations, in order to address those exposures while on-premises vendors haven’t had the same impetus, is it possible to be more secure with a cloud solution? YES!!!



What can you do:

Can Fusion Business Innovation & Technology Consultants help: YES

  • We can understand where your data is stored, protection & DR processes you have and discuss with you a plan to eleviate some of your concerns. Data security is a very real threat.


Contact us for a free consultation to chat about your businesses most valuable asset – YOUR DATA.