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Why Employees Stay In A Business

The Reasons Why People Stay In A Job

Have you ever wondered why some businesses have long term employees and why some don’t. Money is only one part of the equation, and in most cases the least motivating factor.

In the vast variety of small businesses we have worked in, we often work with employees to understand what broken parts exist in a business to determine the level of disruptions and risk. Depending on the business type the following points seem to rank in employee satisfaction and the reason they stay.

  • Engagement & Empowerment.
  • The Businesses attitude to innovation.
  • Induction & Ongoing Training.
  • The Business Values & Brand.
  • The Business Culture & People
  • Job Satisfaction & Challenge.
  • Money.

Engagement & Empowerment.

  • Nearly in every case, the single biggest attraction to ones job longevity is the ability to be empowered in the business to contribute, make decisions and be engaged in the future of the business. It seems to give people the feeling of belonging in a business, and their contribution to business longevity & brand. People working in an autocratic style structure seemed to be less happy than those in a more inclusive atmosphere.

The Businesses attitude to innovation.

  • The next biggest topic discussed was how the business adapts to innovation and technology in the workplace. Who doesn’t want the right tools to work with right ? This when talking to people seemed a very obvious topic. A business who is innovative about their technology, adapts methods and processes in the workplace that make sense, and create efficiencies that remove clutter and chaos from everyone’s workday was a winner in job satisfaction.

Induction & Ongoing Training.

  • Todays businesses tend to grow and adapt to consumer needs more than ever. Systems, policies, procedures and the way we do business needs to grow with demand. Induction, continued learning and managed education is very important to make sure employees keep up with the vision of the business. The tools to induct new people, re induct new ideas and keep people educated is important and a reason people stay.

The Business Values & Brand.

  • People seem to identify their employees brand and are proud to be a part of it. It offers them job security. People enjoy putting on the uniform or brand as it gives them the overall feeling of belonging to a team that people recognize. The bigger the business the more profound this seems to be, as it gives them a feeling of acceptance by association.

The Business Culture & People.

  • People tend to place value on how they get on with their colleagues, if they enjoy working with them, and of course learning from them. The people culture the business has also plays a part in the reason people stay. For example a business that has a culture where people are generally treated with a grumpy attitude, never smile and not made to feel inclusive definitely rate lower than a business that has a happy culture that consists of practice joking, laughter, banter and warmness to get them through the day.

Job Satisfaction & Challenge

  • Many people rate this high on their reason to stay in a job because they want to be challenged in their career. But surprisingly, and especially in smaller regional areas and small towns where job prospects are lower, Job satisfaction and challenge tend to rate a little lower than the factors mentioned above. As long as people are treated well, have a happy workplace with the right tools to work with – they appear to be happy.


  • Money is the biggest reason people stay right ? In my experience, NO. While remunerations is certainly important and is properly the most talked about – it is not the biggest reason someone stays in a job. When asked is money your main reason for staying here, the general response is “while more money would be great, to be included in my employers business and have great people to work with, and have great systems is important”.