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Who Are We & What We Do

We are business assessment and continuity specialists that work within your business on your business IT risk, compliance, continuity and productivity. We recognise you are in business or run a company because you are good at it. You most likely recognise that you need people with a complete detachment from your business to assess the most important thing in today’s business world. The protection and ability to recover your data. In order, to Stay Alive if you were unfortunate enough to have an IT disaster we supply a series of tools and tests to measure and simulate the event in a safe environment. Hardware failure or Ransomware will cripple your ability to deliver to your clients and run your business. Our work will assess, test and measure the potential for your business to deal with business disasters.

Fusion Business Innovation & Technology Consultants specialise in the niche area of business continuity, risk assessment, compliance and helping you grow through measured and increased productivity. Protection around that through planning, preparation and awareness with the key elements in your business. You don’t know what you don’t know !! Simply putting it, business continuity is a asking the question of what happens if you get adversity in your business or company and can you survive if something goes wrong, and furthermore if something does go wrong, how long will you be effected.

We also place a huge emphasis on productivity in the workplace. As consultants, we assess what tools you are using in your technology lineup and are you making the best use of them. If processes and tools can be streamlined and a more cost effective solution be adapted we will assess it for you.

Business owners must know every aspect of risk and continuity in their businesses and how to grow it through productivity. Our job is to assess and advise in these areas.


One of the most rewarding things about working with small business is that every business is unique and different. That’s what makes them successful and appealing to their clients. Fusion have, through relationships and partnerships, been able to offer positive outcomes and form relationships with our clients to help them in their business, allowing them to plan, provide and grow. We form bonds and lifetime friendships working with and helping our clients who always benefit from our work, and it offers us extreme satisfaction to see a client grow from the experience, and more importantly, have the knowledge and systems to understand how to handle disasters in the workplace if they occur.

We Are Not an HR,  IT or Communicaitons Solution Provider

While there is no doubt our experience comes from working and understanding people in a business, management and the professional services sector over many years in the ICT Industry – Managed Service Provision is NOT what we do.

What we do, is work at a higher level to look, listen, communicate and observe your business, and then ask you some questions in relation to risk assessment and mitigation. Business continuity, growth, productivity and profit.

Our main referral base comes from IT companies or MSP’s. That’s because they recognise that so many of their business clients have elements of risk that have the potential to cause downtime. Through our Online BCSA tool which your MSP can use as an affiliate, we assess the risk and then plan continuity with the MSP together to keep you going. We understand the IT sector, but we only offer advice, we don’t offer IT solutions. Partnerships with your IT staff and/or contractors or MSP’s is essential and ensures you get the best overall outcome from advice to action.

To explain in simpler terms (an analogy), think of your MSP as a doctor or GP. Think of business disaster such as hardware failure of ransomware as a disease. Your MSP will discuss with you the difficulties and risks you face as a business that is data reliant. We see ourselves like the pathologist, that has specialised tools to assess the risk, then test and measure your potential for disease. After your assessments are completed we deliver the results to your MSP to make some decisive decisions with you.


**MSP – Managed Service Provider or IT Contractor.


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