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Whats in the Blog & Article Production for Week 4 2017 ?

Hi there, With a short week coming up we will only have 1 VLOG (Video Blog) out this week, as like you I will be proudly taking a day off to celebrate Australia Day later in the week. Video Blogs take a little longer to get together, but really do give you a much richer viewing and learning experience, so we think it is worth it.


On the production line this week is

“What is a Business Continuity Statement or Plan – and why as a small business is it critical we have one ?”

We hope it will run off the production line Monday night, ready for Tuesday. We will let you know. This blog is done in advance to give you the heads up on this weeks coming vlog incase you are interested in the content.  Remember our blogs are free – and are there to share and learn, so please forward or share our blog page link (above, or the email share icon below) on to anyone that may be interested in learning about our content.

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