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Tried Skype for your work, daily communicaitons ?


We all know what skype is right ? Its that app that we can use to call mum, grandma or your mates oversees. Yep it does all of that. Infact Microsoft who own skype now have a variant called skype for business which is a part of their office 365 suite offering more advanced calling, meeting and collaboration tools. That’s another topic for another day.
What’s interesting about skype is some say it’s the biggest telecommunication provider – yet does not own one exchange. That’s pretty amazing when you think about how many lives skype pays a part in. We use it for free mostly and it has a reach across the globe of major proportions. Given skype is so widely used, why have I chosen to put in  the cool stuff file. Mainly because of its simplicity, its ability to connect people and its reach. Not only does skype allow voice and video calling to one person or a small group, it allows one on one chat, group chat, screen sharing to show our older folk how to do something on their computer amongst many other simple little tasks. It is something that is simple to use and has been embraced by all generations just to communicate and close the distance gap. That’s what is cool about it. In addition, you don’t need any special handsets – just simply use it on your smartphone, tablet or computer. If it’s a skype to skype call its free (data excluded) and they even have call plans that allow you to use it like a telephone. There are many apps out there now that allow voice, message and video – facebook messenger included, but in my view none of them are as well accepted and better understood than skype. Skype is a part of my daily life. I use it to message with my colleagues, my family, make business calls, share my screen to do client demonstrations and just chat in the car on a skype call through Bluetooth. Yes the app will connect to your cars Bluetooth. Its so easy to set your network of contacts up on it and use it for nearly everything. I think it’s a cracker of a tool for personal productivity through to chatting with family anywhere in the world. Mac, Windows, IOS, Android – who cares, skype doesnt.

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