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Sync your cloud services easily.

Who has multiple cloud storage services ? Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and many others ? Then how to decide which one we use, what we store in it, and then to remember where to find files when we need them. Then there is the next phenomenon that often happens. You buy a new device or and get a free dropbox account, but all your files are in Google Drive.

There is a simple solution to this. Most of these cloud services have a sync tool to your computer. Essentially, it’s a piece of software that synchronizes the data you have in the cloud to your computer. You nominate a folder on your computer, and the sync tool does the rest.

A neat little trick to keep all your files together, but still have the features of different cloud services is to individually install the sync tools on your computer and point them to the same place. For example. Install Dropbox & Google Drive Sync tools on your computer, and make them sync to a folder called clouddata. This folder then becomes the central place for your files, and each cloud service replicates from that. Simple & Easy.