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Same Old Thinking – Same Old Results

Is your business in a holding pattern and no matter what innovative ideas you come up with they never work to the extent you think they might. There are some very important steps to ensuring results happen when you put new ideas into your business.

The first thing is to understand what the new idea is and will it work – or is it a simple rehash of another idea or process you have tried in the past. If so, your staff and clients will generally see right through it. New ideas and innovation have to return some results, and to achieve that the people involved have to see the benefit for them. For example, it may be staff who are not convinced that the new idea will save them time and work, and this idea may just be another interference in their workday. For clients, they will be looking for benefit to them on why they wish to spend more money with your firm or company. Does your idea return a real benefit to them, or will they see it as another opportunity for you to make more revenue ?

The key to delivering new innovation or ideas in your workplace is to get everyone to buy into it. At the conception stage of your idea, allow your colleagues and workmates to offer input when you float it. Then test the process on them, or some selected clients to see if it has the desired effect, and gradually the whole environment you work in will buy into your idea if it has real benefit and give you the results you are after.

The same old thinking will inevitably return the same old results time after time after time. By thinking differently on how you will raise your idea, allowing people to help you innovate it and then test it and allow it to grow in my experience is a sure winner to get the results you are after. The same old thinking and disappointing results, closed loop or negative feedback mindset concept is a cycle you can break if you tackle it a little differently.

Jarrod Clowes