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Peer Review

What is a BCP Peer Review?

A peer review is a part of the BCP document process that allows all parties check the document before signing. There are 3 main components to the BCP which are:

  1. The Plan
  2. The Management Submission
    • Data collected & submitted by the client and their management.
  3. The MSP Submission
    • Data collected & submitted by the MSP and their technical team.

This is your first opportunity to see the plan and its submissions, and in turn, your chance to make any changes, ask any questions or open up discussion before the plan is signed.

Why Do We Do A BCP Peer Review?

The Business Continuity Plan is a complicated document in terms of what it aims to deliver. It also has a few moving parts, meaning that several people have contributed to the plan. A peer review is an opportunity for everyone involved to check its accuracy, see it in its final draft and have a discussion if needed. It’s extremely important for MSP’s or IT Contractors to check the document in its final draft, as the MSP will be signing the document attesting to the accuracy of the tests they completed and information supplied in the MSP Submission.

How To Participate

We use a document management application called PandaDoc, which has 3 key strengths for this process.

  1. PandaDoc tracks changes and activity.
  2. PandaDoc allows for comments to be added to the document for review or conversation.
  3. PandaDoc allows for secure electronic signatures for sign off.

As soon as your plan is available for peer review, you will be notified by e-mail from PandaDoc. Open the document as instructed and scroll through the document. In order to have any changes made, you can make comment in the comment box as shown by the RED Arrow (LEFT) noting the section and change or amendment. Or simply comment on any question or discussion.

The Peer Review will be available for 3 days. Once the peer review period has passed, you will be re sent the document where it will indicate where you need to sign it.