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More Amusing Anti-Libertarian Humor

Do libertarians have a sense of humor?That’s a relevant concern since lots of people consider us as unhappy curmudgeons, or possibly as dorky Randians.While I believe those stereotypes are unfair, I likewise admit that I can just think about a few examples of clearly pro-libertarian humor. Libertarian Jesus scolding modern statists.Since I could only find 3 examples, does this mean libertarians are hopelessly dour and doing not have in humor?I think the response is” no”and I believe there are 2 needs to validate that response.

Libertarians are constantly making enjoyable of oafish and moronic government. I prefer to believe, for instance, that my UK-vs-US government stupidity contest includes some amusing satire.Skeptics might react that you can mock huge federal government without being a libertarian, and that’s a reasonable point.But this gives me a chance to

note the second reason it’s wrong to accuse libertarians of doing not have a funny bone. Merely mentioned, we have the ability to value anti-libertarian humor. This not only reveals that we have amusing bones, but it also demonstrates that we have significant self-confidence about the strength of our ideas.So with that accumulation, here’s an example of anti-libertarian humor I got from a fellow tourist in Illinois.I believe you’ll concur that this can be contributed to our collection of anti-libertarian humor.P.S. Because I am a dorky libertarian, I can’t withstand reacting to the above cartoon by keeping in mind that we really don’t need federal government fire departments. The folks at the Reason Structure

have actually been dealing with this issue for years and have a study explaining the advantages of personal fire departments … my town agreements out its whole fire department to the business Rural/Metro, a pioneer in privatized fire services. Their trucks are shiny, red, and loaded with water, simply like a”standard”fire department’s. Their firemen train much like their community counterparts carry out in neighboring

jurisdictions. They react to fire and EMS calls just like the government-run systems do. The main distinctions I’ve recognized are that:( 1)their logo– which otherwise looks just like other fire department logos– notes the name of the business underneath the name of the town, and(2)employees are covered under an economic sector 401(k )plan, so our town is not on the hook for a huge future pension payment. Neither of these differences matters from a service delivery standpoint.And a post in Capitalism Publication the same year explained that privatized fire security exists in hundreds of communities … nearly half of Denmark’s municipalities contract with Group 4 Falck to offer firefighting and ambulance services. In America, more than 450 communities contract with Rural/Metro Corporation for fire protection service, EMS, or both. Unlike federal government fire services, which focus on fire reaction, Rural/Metro concentrates on fire avoidance. A former mayor of Scottsdale, Arizona, which has actually used Rural/Metro for more than 20 years stated,” Scottsdale citizens are offered a far better balance between action and avoidance than is available in the majority of communities.”Why are so numerous communities taking a look at personal options?Most likely, it’s due to the fact that unions have conspired with government officials to push labor expenses to ridiculous levels, as humorously portrayed is this rather off-color video. P.P.S. Returning to the topic of humor, I have a major request. Can anyone offer examples of self-deprecating humor by leftists?I don’t think statists have much self-confidence in their ideas, so they be some examples.libertarians are creepy … proneto wearing aluminum foil headgear … and discussing their time on the flagship … however they are not despiteful … mainly they just wish to be left alone

to look for joy in their own distinct methods … leftists are hateful … they are encouraged by hate … hate of guns … hate of the 1%… hate of industrialism … hate of an unjust system lacking empathy … with a lot hate … there is little space for lighthearted frivolity … not to mention self reflection … doubt … or great humor … they are the death eaters of our day … sucking delight from the world and leaving a decreased society in their wake … self-deprecating humor by leftists? … … … … …… there is no such thing …