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Internet Scams On The Rise

b1ce48_cd11f066d4524dddbbae82845e38db58-mv2After speaking with clients and industry colleagues, it appears that harmful internet content, generally in the form of emails is on the rise again. These include AGL Overdue account reminders, Tax Office, Post Office and Government auditing department emails, random names advising you have unclaimed money in South Africa – amongst many others. The list goes on. These are generally designed to trick you into opening a link or a document stored in the email that could be potentially fatal to your data.
The general rule is if you do not know the sender or are unsure, call the sender. Most government departments and other like bodies generally officially communicate by phone call or letter. If you suspect anything dodgy, check. You wont regret it if it is a harmful virus disguised in an email.
Be very thorough with your backups. Sometimes, especially in the case of crypto locker viruses they will be all you have. Check you have a secure backup stored somewhere handy and not connected to your computer. Given the rise in issues we have seen, now is a good time for a timely reminder to raise awareness on these nasty email.