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“Disrupters” In Your Business

How do we describe disrupters ?. In our work we term them as processes, events problems or attitudes that cause disruption to the flow of a business that if left unattended will eventually grow into a bigger problem.

A disrupter will slow down your business output, cost you money or harm your reputation by the very way of the effect they cause around them. They are not confined to one particular thing, and can come from any area of your business operations. Lets look at some examples of a disrupter.


  • Symptom: A critical business machine that breaks down.
    • Disruption to output.
    • Disruption to staff productivity.
  • Symptom: Persons on staff that are unhappy in their job.
    • Disrupt Office Culture.
    • Cause disruptions to other staff by way of gossip, negativity.
    • Do not complete job role to the required level.
  • Symptom: Dated & Un reliable IT Equipment.
    • Reduced output.
    • Unreliable Access.
    • No business process flow.
  • Symptom: Staff not capable of conducing the job they were employed to do.
    • Extended management time who oversee this person.
    • Continual checking of their work.
    • Excessive time spent on managing situations and HR compliancy.
  • Symptom: Bad Management
    • No clear direction.
    • Anxiety in the workplace amongst staff.
    • Lack of business processes.
    • Poor business performance.
  • Symptom: Poor pipeline or sales management:
    • Lack of sales.
    • Missing sales opportunities.
    • Low Customer Service.
    • Inability to achieve targets.

This limited list are examples of disrupters in your workplace. It is common that many businesses have disrupters but do not recognize them, or know how to handle them. Fusion Business Innovation & Technology Consultants specialize in having the conversation with your business to identify disrupters in your workplace, and coach you how to effectively deal with disrupters to eventually eliminate the problem and allow your business to maximize its efficiency and profit.


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