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Cloud Backups – Which Service Is Best

Cloud Backups are essentially the best thing to hit data security this decade. Traditional on premise backup systems are essential, but have been around since business computing and applications became mainstream. I have included some video content that explains cloud backups very well, and a video that talks about my preferred cloud backup service “Crashplan”

My personal view is that a cloud backup system should not replace any on premise or business backup system, but they should be considered as an addition to your backup plan or business continuity plan. For granular file backup, versioning – and the speed to retrieve files from now to when they were first backed up Crashplan is a real winner.

Jarrod Clowes

See why I think a cloud backup system in addition to your business backup system is a great choice and an added level of protection.


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Would you like to know more about cloud backups, and why we think you need them added to your data security plan ?