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Business Continuity – Its Critically Important

Business continuity, by definition means the ability for our business to continue if we have some sort of disaster, or risk present itself in our workplace. There are several parts to this process. Firstly, understanding the risks that do exist in our business, how to deal with and best mitigate them, how to train our staff around them and build a business continuity plan.

The first thing we like to discover in any business is how to recover your working environment to production. This means for example if your server was compromised by a cyber threat, or failure – where are your backups ?, do they work ?, have we tested they work ?, do they restore the whole server configuration or only data ?, and the question that only comes out when something goes wrong “how long before I can log in”  We like to measure and rehearse a continuity scenario, so you understand the process and how long you could potentially be out of action.

Your IT Staff & Service providers are CRITICAL. Generally speaking, IT companies as a general rule work in break fix and helpdesk areas of your business. When something goes wrong, they fix it. From experience I have seen many IT personnel work proactively in risk assessment, planning and testing on your continuity -however management generally put lower priority on this process generally due to more urgent things that are not working. It is not uncommon to have many backup and disaster recovery plans untested, and issues are only discovered when you need to use them. We are NOT IT solution providers, nor do we work with your systems. Our role is to meet with management of your business, talk about the risk, understand it and then discuss a strategy around the solution. We then discuss with your IT staff or service providers a tested plan on business continuity and let them to it to make sure it works. They are the specialists in this field. Our specialty is in identification & strategy.

After we work closely with your IT Staff or Provider, we then report back to you and let you know how well you would go if disaster were to strike. How long to return to production, what resources are needed, how much it will cost you, how well your continuity strategy works. Working with your IT Service Provider or IT Staff then gives you great comfort your systems and procedures have been tested and you have compliancy in terms of expectations.

In todays connected world, a business can not afford to be in a position where the owners and staff do not understand what would happen with system outage. To have staff not working, to not be in a position to deliver to your clients and to have systems being rebuilt or recovered  is something you just CAN NOT afford to have no understanding on. Our engagement will not only identify these things for you and give you solid understanding of this, it will bring you and your IT people closer together having full comprehension of your Business Continuity.

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