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BCSA – It Makes Perfect Sense!

Data – A critical asset to your business!

Business Continuity Self Assessment – It makes Perfect Sense!

Now more than ever is the time for any CEO, Business Owner or Operator or frankly anyone in charge of business strategy, direction and viability to understand the risk of having IT downtime. Our BCSA will step you through a series of questions, analyse your data and help you strategies to understand your chances of IT downtime, how to mitigate against it and plan for the future.


Enrol Online – The First Step To Understand You Business IT Risk.


Complete your online assessment in 15 minutes. Get you MSP to help if needed.


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Your Data Is One Of Your Key Business Assets. Solid Understanding Of Risk To Your IT Systems – Should Not Be Negotiable.


A Business Continuity Self Assessment is an online IT Risk tool exclusively created by Fusion Business Innovation & Technology Consultants. Its design came about to help us in our journey of discovery understand what goes on in a clients business that may produce business downtime and risk, in turn posing a significant cost to the client. Versions 1.0, the initial conception of the tool was a survey monkey form completed online by you, or one of your staff. Those results were downloaded and then on a case by case basis analysed and discussed in a meeting environment with you, which was both time consuming and expensive due to the time and effort used to compile and report, results and scheduled meeting times. We realised that time is important to everyone, and discovered over the many years of working in business continuity assessment, there were many common themes and trends that were apparent. We believed we could offer the same valuable information to clients in their business without extended meeting commitments and time to complete the exercise.

We know how important business uptime is, so to help you become aware of real potential downtime events happening we wanted to offer an easy to use product that delivered the same information and results at the fraction of the price. Through automation and software implementation, we made the investment and released BCSA Version 2, a fully functional Online Risk Assessment Tool.

“Being Accountable ”

Electronic data is pure and simply an essential component of nearly every business today. Without system access, we just can’t function. Businesses and workplaces are a diverse place with plenty going on, so we can not just rely on our I.T. staff or contractors to oversee from a management level that all backup checks and balances are in place. Sure they do it, but it’s a management task to ensure the checks and balances are in place. The buck generally stops with the most accountable person, and that is the owner, manager or CEO. Understanding any risk or exposure to cyber crime should just NOT BE NEGOTIABLE in your business. The BCSA aims to help you understand your level of risk.

Areas We Check For Risk

Resource & Response – Where Your Data Lives – Server Data


Analogies are a great way to take a difficult explanation and relate it to something we all understand. Let’s try to explain in a different way.

“Why We Need To Self Assess”

As a CEO, business owner, operator or manager you will constantly assess your business. Especially around any risk that has the potential for harmful and devastating effects that could potentially destroy your business. There are many new threats in today’s cyber world and making some assessments in your business to understand IT downtime risk makes good sense. Analogies are a way to explain this in a clearer way. For example, every health conscious person will inspect their body, and the way they perform or feel for changes or signs that something may need attention. Through self-assessment, things that may cause a problem can be detected and dealt with. To explain that scenario, think of a BCSA as doing an inspection on your business to identify any points of change or areas of concern around your IT downtime risk. Better to know now than after the problem manifests, and this makes the cost of the BCSA insignificant if it helps to prevent downtime.


“BCSA – Your Business Bloodtest”

While we are on analogies, we can further explain what the BCSA can deliver. You would typically interact with your MSP or IT Service Provider relating to a complaint you have in relation to business continuity and sustainability. You would tell them your concerns about an event such as ransomware or if other disasters were to strike, and are you prepared for it. Your MSP can be assimilated to a GP or doctor in this analogy. Your Doctor would order a blood test and send it to a pathologist to get the results. Fusion Business Innovation & Technology Consultants are purely a business continuity pathologist. With the results you submit online, we analyse the data – and present the results to you and your MSP or IT Contractor to take preventative action. Exactly as a blood test would work for you in a health situation. The BCSA is specifically designed to deliver results relating to a predefined criteria regarding the ability for your business to continue to operate if you have IT downtime. Its for this reason, a blood test for your business makes perfect sense.

Areas We Check For Risk

Backups – Services – Cloud Computing


Benchmarking is a perfect way to monitor progress and change in your business. The BCSA is NOT expensive, especially when you consider the alternate cost if you were to miss a minor problem that eventuated into a major problem causing you downtime, grief and money. Your Business Blood test when done quarterly, for example, can benchmark trends and improvements in your business. Its an extremely cost effective and cheap way to keep track. Benchmark the results and better mitigate your business from potential disaster.

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“BCSA – How It Works”

The BCSA is very easy to do, and will take you about 15 minutes. From our website ( https://fusiongroup.online/bcsa-enrollment/ ) you enrol to complete the assessment. After you progress through our shopping cart the easy to use process is:

  • You will receive a link from the shopping cart, and by email to complete the assessment.
  • The assessment itself is a series of online general questions you answer about your business.
  • If you are unsure of some of the questions, that’s OK. Simply mark the assessment as Incomplete and forward the EDIT link you receive to someone who may know, like your MSP or IT Service Provider.
  • Once the BCSA is marked as complete, the results are analysed and overlaid into your scorecard. The scorecard is sent to you with your results, and the rating or your risk based on your answers.
    With this report, you are now ready to determine your level of risk and take action to mitigate it.

Areas We Check For Risk

Perimeter Security – Workplace Policy – Service Level Agreements

What Does The BCSA Look Like


Here is an example of your results. Your score is based on the total points you obtained through your answers. Your results also represent your score as a percentage and compares your result against the average result of every business that has taken the test. This is a great way to benchmark your business against an average result.


Your scorecard outlines every question you completed in the online assessment and applies a score to each question. You are also shown what the possible score is. With each question, you will also be given a reference to the scorecard descriptor that is colour coded based on the level of attention you should pay.


Your Scorecard Descriptor offers an explanation on how your answer was scored and the available score. This is a handy way to understand the weight of each risk element in your business.

Areas We Check For Risk

Knowledge – Compliance – Cost




The BCSA is an extremely simple concept that every business should consider. The cyber world is changing, and people and their livelihoods are getting threatened like never before. It is so serious that up to 60% of businesses that are subject to a cyber attack will file for bankruptcy within 6 months if they are not properly prepared. The financial and emotional impact for the people involved and their families who could lose their business is a real tragity.

The BCSA looks at the critical elements to consider, ranging from MSP relationships, password culture, perimeter security, data backup and restore capability – plus much more. This simple but powerful tool helps you through the minefield of business continuity assessment.

Why wouldn’t you self asses? Its a cheap exercise and makes sense to do, and it might very well save you from a catastrophe and major cost in your business. Complete the enrollment to the immediate right of this paragraph and take the first step to completing your Business Continuity Self Assessment.


Your Data, Your Business


For Less Than $100 – Get Your IT Risk Assessed!

Why self-asses your business? Is it necessary? We think so, that’s why we have invested in providing the best online tools for you to check and understand the current status of your IT risk profile before it harms your business. To help explain it better, we liken it to a blood test for your business. All may be OK, but a business blood test is harmless and may highlight some precautionary measures you can take to mitigate risk relating to IT & business downtime.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are proud of our product range and back it with a 7 day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee. If you complete the self-assessment and you do not find it a value add to your business, we will gladly refund your money. Available for online purchases only, 7 days from purchase date. Simply forward your receipt to our administration team 7 days from purchase with your request for a refund.