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BCP – Plan For Business Survival !

Data – A critical asset to your business!

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) – Make sure your business will survive!

If by chance the I.T. Infrastructure that your business so heavily relies on was to go offline? – Will you as a business go offline as well?

Do you know for sure what would happen if your critical business applications were subject to a catastrophic hardware failure or a cybercrime event?, OR are you hoping and guessing all will return as normal?

Have you considered the cost of downtime, reputation and disruption to your business if client’s cant transact with you?

These are all elements of the Business Continuity Plan that will help you understand your business better, bring some compliance to your processes and make sure you are ready for any disruptions – because you have tested the WHAT IFS!


In today’s environment, it is remiss for any business owner, manager or CEO to ignore the potentially disastrous and catastrophic effects of system failure. If your key business assets are not studied, tested and understood, then  you are gambling with your livelihood. Modern thinking shows that business disruptions are common and need to be understood.


Audit, test and check. With the advanced submission system used to compile your BCP, it is not uncommon to uncover a waiting disaster that would not have been discovered outside this process, or find dated implemented technology that doesn’t recover. These are things you just can not foresee without testing. Its just solid business management to test your business recovery systems and have assures they work? 


With our advanced & exclusive document, audit and control methods, the BCP change control procedure provides for continued knowledge, growth and compliance for your business! As your business grows, the plan adapts. Amend your plan as things change, note & plan for key issues needing action and attention. Your business is not a static environment, and the plan will adapt to that.

Don’t make your disaster recovery testing an experiment by leaving it until a real business disruption event forces you to do it! This will give you a very unpleasant surprise


Did you know – You Are An I.T. Business

Nearly every business in today’s modern world is an I.T. business. Simply meaning that if I.T. capability was removed, then your organisation would operate very differently and inefficiently without computers and technology. Therefore as an I.T. Business, you need to understand the responsibilities and impacts around your I.T infrastructure.

“BCP – Whats the exact purpose? ”

A Business Continuity Plan is an advanced compliance document that takes you and your MSP on a systematic approach that checks, tests and provides information about your business and your continuity (ability to continue to function when issues happen). Modern technology advancements mean modern thinking, which includes understanding your business risk and ability to recover when it comes to asset downtime. The BCP is a proactive document that simulates in a safe environment what would happen when things fail. It checks how we recover (if we can) and how long it will take. That’s important to know how long you will be out of action! Without a plan, you have no real idea how any unfortunate event will affect your business and to what level.

“It’s Always Better To Know ”

Electronic data an essential component of every modern business. Without data or system access, we can’t operate or complete our daily tasks. Try paying the bills or doing payroll without financial system access!  It critically important to know everything about your business systems in terms of how you will be affected if a business disruption was to occur. You need to consider the cost of NOT having a BCP. Maintaining staff, lost business due to the incapacity to transact with your clients as well as the inability to mobilise a workforce is a very costly exercise. A BCP is a similar way of thinking to having insurance. Its something you don’t really want to exercise, but when you do need it – you sure will be glad you have it.


The 4 Steps Of Your  BCP

The BCP System has an advanced data capture and document management system designed to ensure you are ahead of the game.

Step 1 – Management Submission

The first step to completing the Business Continuity Plan is the management submission where we learn and document all about you, the client.  Through a secure online form, all the relevant details about the business or organisation is captured, including key personnel, responsible persons in the organisation and how certain tasks and business processes are completed to ensure the safety of data and business systems.

Step 2 – MSP Submission

During the process of the management submission, your current Managed Service Provider  (MSP) or IT Service Company is noted. Your MSP Submission is the basis where a series of business critical systems including disaster recovery are audited, tested, documented and reported on. Many other aspects are checked such as backup failure notice procedure, perimeter and endpoint security plus much more that is relevant to your business survival.

Step 3 – Peer Review

When both submissions are completed, the Peer Review Phase of the Business Continuity Plan is the first opportunity for the client, the MSP and all interested parties to see the plan in its first draft. This the first step where everyone gets to review, amend and ask questions before the plan goes to sign off. Typically peer review os open for 5 days. Check out our blog by clicking here on Peer Review, and how it’s done.

Step 4 – Sign Off

Using our advanced document tracking, auditing and signing application – the plan is then signed off. This signoff is a confirmation and endorsement that the MSP has completed all tests to a satisfactory standard, the client has tested those steps and acknowledgement of the terms and conditions of the plan including change management.


After The Plan Is Done

The 2 Steps To Assurance

Assurance Step 1 – Action Items Follow-up

Every time a Business Continuity Plan is ordered and completed there will always be items or issues discovered through the submissions that are new to us, the MSP & the client. This is a perfect opportunity to actively manage the completion of this discovery that,  if left undone will certainly affect our ability to continue business. After the plan is signed off, the client and MSP will get a managed action list which is a result of discovered issues.

Assurance Step 2 – Change Management

The Business Continuity Plan is completed at a point in time for the purposes of testing and planning around business disaster situations. But no business is static and things can change rapidly in the technology space. Using our document management system we can facilitate change management very easy to make sure if things change in your workplace, the plan can be amended accordingly to keep the plan current.

Keeping Current

This is a governance document and must be kept current to effectively deliver the basis on its testing and outcomes.


The Business Continuity Plan will expire on its anniversary. It is renewed every year to make sure that as your business grows and your technology advances – so doe’s the planning & testing around its continuity. Our modern CRM & Document Management Systems will prompt you to assess submission data and make sure relevant changes are made for the next plan. No technology ecosystem remains constant after 12 months. This means the basis on which the plan was written changes, so the plan has to be updated annually to make sure your audits, tests and plan deliverables are accurate.

“Plan Failure”

Not every client that orders a Business Continuity Plan will have one issued immediately. We have seen many different scenarios where the client can not demonstrate business continuity in simulated system failures and would be in big trouble if a business interruption was to happen. Therefore their plan fails to be issued. In these particular cases, we manage what needs to be rectified for the plan to form a basis of continuity. Once those issues are resolved the plan can be then be retested and activated.

Ready To Test

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