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Fusion's Niche

Fusion Business Innovation & Technology Consultants operate in 3 specific key areas. 


Risk Analysis

Did you know that up to 60% of businesses that get targeted by cyber crime and security hacks will fail within 12 months. I.T. & Operational Risk analysis is an essential part of business planing and longevity. While risk can not be eliminated completely, we analyse and discuss real risks with you and help you reduce and minimise risks any you may currently have. Our specialty lies in raising the awareness in your business of the potential risks in your business or workplace. It is essential to investigate the cost of any potential risk if it becomes real, including out of production costs, unproductive staffing costs and professional fees associated with downtime.


Compliance & Continuity Planning

Are there areas of your business you just are not sure if they meet the regulatory mark ? In todays world, compliance is a major cost to any business, and a bigger cost if you are not complaint. Through this journey we work with you to understand if your business will continue to operate if key personnel are unable to work, or if key systems and procedures fail. What will you do ? This is critical and mostly untested in many small businesses, which is critical failure in compliance and business continuity if left unchecked.


Your Productivity Journey

Lets be honest, is your business more viable with you trying to save cost by managing and experimenting with productivity tools and processes, or by doing what you do best which is maximising your revenue doing what you do. Our UWP (Understanding Workplace Productivity) program helps you to understand that a sales funnel takes your prospects and customers through many different cycles and journeys. Using CRM, Mail Automated Workflows & Targeted social media management we take you through a productivity journey to transform your business. To keep you on track we coach you through it to maximize results.