• People - Your biggest Asset

    Your people are your business, and so are you. Get the team working together with matched technology and team environment tools to enable them to perform at their best together. Talk to us about people, productivity and matched technology. Its what we know heaps about.

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  • Correctly Matched & Reliable Tools.

    Use robust and meaningful technology anywhere and anytime that is reliable and delivers what your business needs. Remove old and unwanted parts that do nothing for your productivity. Monitor and implement meaningful and matched technology to streamline your business output. Ask us how.

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  • Understand Risk, Plan For Continuity.

    The critical part of business continuity is to know what to do, and who will execute the plan if risk elements present themselves in your business. The process we take in building you a continuity plan will outline these details for you, as well as work with your IT people to rehearse your plan. Its what we do.

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  • Self Assessment

    We have tools for you to continue to self assess your business as it evolves. A good business does not stand still. As the business changes, so does the risk profile and potential for problems to occur. Our self assessment tools will provide a snapshot in time as your business grows.

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  • Keep The Knowledge Up

    When we work with you to determine your risk, build your continuity and match your people with the correct technology - owners and staff need to stay in front of it all. We offer online course building and staff induction systems that are there for ever. Direct your staff to the training link to learn, and refresh.

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Fusion Business Innovation & Technology

Risk Assessment, Business Continuity & Workplace Productivity Consultants

People & Matched Technology

The key to driving more profit is to increase productivity. Our extensive experience with small business gives us ways to offer advice on productivity with matched technology. Put efficient tools in your toolbox and remove the ones you don't need.

Productivity is about driving efficiency. Efficiency is about using the right tools. Don't try and drive a nail with a hacksaw. Furthermore lets remove all the old and broken tools from your toolbox. Increase efficiency, productivity and profit. As us how.

Continuity & Risk Mitigaiton

Continuity defines if your business can continue to operate when things happen. It may be key people leaving, IT systems failure, or unresolved technology problems. We can asses this and bring to your attention what potential problems exist.

How many risks sit in your business that you don't know about. These are called latent risks. By themselves they dont pose a problem, but if a series of problems occur, they could destroy your business. Let us help you understand these risks.

Induction & Training.

Don't drift back into the weeds. Operations and processes evolve all the time. To get the best result with change management, get your people in the workplace to buy to your idea and prevent them from reverting back to old habits, which is counter productive and frustrating.

One of the best tools a business can have is to offer easy to access, easy to use online training and induction courses. For new staff to be inducted or for existing staff to refresh, an online course is the way to go. We can build you one very easily.

Self Assessment

Try a self assessment online. As your business changes, so to will your risk profile and business continuity details. The sure way to make sure any business owner or manager is in front of it is to self assess. Get access to our online self assessment tool by contacting us below.

Self assessment is the key to ensure your business continuity changes with your growth. Get access to our online assessment as do it as many times as you like. Contact us on the links of our footer to get started.

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About Us

We offer consultancy & advice services to small business owners to mitigate risk, build continuity, increase staff productivity, build tailored online training and induction courses as well as build productivity and profit.

Here are some ideas on how we can help.

Our consulting services for small business concentrate on business and IT risk, business continuity and allowing staff and business practices to be more productive with matched people and technology.
Self Assessment
We have the tools to offer online self assessment tools. This is important as your business changes to make sure your risk and planning move with that change. Our online assessment ranks your business risk and identifies items for you to asses and make the necessary change..
Online Training & Induction
Normalised deviation is a professional term we use for drifting back into the weeds. For change and progress to work in any workplace you need the people in your business to buy into the change. By understanding why and what, they advocate the change. We construct training and induction courses to be done online. This gets your online training course to do the heavy lifting with staff learning.