• Your Business Blood Test

    Try our Business Continuity Self Assessment. It's like a blood test for your business. Using our online tool, easily complete your assessment, which is only available here. Complete the BCSA and be provided with your scorecard on the level of your IT risk. Benchmarked against other businesses you will understand where, what and why you need to act on your business blood test results. Prevention is far better than cure.

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  • Assess, Check & Act

    As humans, we are generally health conscious and like to be aware of any changes we may find that could harm us. Your business or management roles should be no different. Continual checking and assessment of your key assets such as your data and the protection of it should be top of mind. Do your self-assessment here and we will help you discover any abnormalities.

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  • The IT Business Continuity Plan

    We have a pre formatted system to get you compliant. Our set of protocols, management submissions and MSPIT Contractor Tools will deliver the results of a measured and tested simulated disaster environment. This will reveal if your business can get through a disaster if it were to occur.

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  • Better To Know Now !

    The time to find our your business system recovery or backups do not work is when you need them. Unfortunately for some businesses or organisations, they will reluctantly complete a Business Continuity Plan reactively instead of proactively and discover that they have a bigger disaster than they thought. Get on the front foot now and complete your BCP here.

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  • Teaming Up To Protect Your Interests

    Your MSP, IT Contractor or IT Staff are essential to your business. Together with Fusion Business Innovation & Technology, using we work closely with your IT people to protect your interests. With your IT people providing your services and us deliving assessment and planning information you will be better future proofed should disaster come your way.

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  • Let Your Systems Do The Heavy Lifting.

    CRM & Workflow Management can save you some real time and money, especially if the software is helping you convert leads and generate new clients. With one on one productivity planning, we can help your systems to do the heavy lifting for you. Having a systemised approach makes sense.

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Fusion Business Innovation & Technology

Risk Assessment, Business Continuity & Workplace Productivity Consultants

DATA - A critical asset to your business

Most businesses or organisations rely on business data more than ever. Key business data is stored in our IT systems somewhere, and the way we do business and communicate is all around your data. Nearly every transaction relies on some form of data access.

If we as a business world are unable to do business without data, it makes sense to protect and check it's usability at the highest level.

Data Security, It's Not Negotiable For Business Survival.

Do you know how secure your data is without assessing your risk elements. Have the basic principles of data management been looked at or are you taking someone's word for it? Until it's tested you wont know.

Management never really think of the complicated structures that IT systems and data keep their business alive until they have downtime. Click here to make some assessments.

Plan To Stay In Business

Most of us have data backups of some sort. But do we know how easy they are to restore, how long it will take and is a system image restore or a full system rebuild? How do we know if we can rebuild our IT systems? is counter productive and frustrating.

We must simulate a disastrous environment, and test the process we use to recover your business - and in turn your business. Try our business continuity plan to do this.

Quickly With Plugins

It's known that up to 60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months. This is because they simply can't recover from financial, reputational and operational incapacity that the loss of IT systems or data access will cause.

With a Self Assessment and Continuity Plan, there will still be difficulties in operating your business if you were to be a cyber crime victim. But at least you are dealing with some known process in your business because they have been tested. Do it NOW!

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We offer consultancy & advice services to small business owners to mitigate risk, build continuity, increase staff productivity, build tailored online training and induction courses as well as build productivity and profit.

Here are some ideas on how we can help.

With our exclusive online - BCSA (Business Continuity Self Assessment) tool - complete your business blood test and learn how to deal with posing risk. Jump online, order our BCSA and you will receive your colour coded scorecard to tell you where you are at.
Business Continuity Planning
Don't end up with a bigger disaster than you originally had because you didn't systematically measure, test and complete a robust process to protect your business. Business Continuity Planning is essential and we have one for you ready to go. With your MSP we will simulate your environment our of production and learn what we need to do in a real disaster.
Your Business Pathologist
Using an analogy, picture your MSP or IT Contractor as a doctor who is first called to your ailments. Picture cyber crime as the disease, and us as the pathologist. With our exclusive tools, we plan, simulate, test and measure your disaster recovery process and present it to you in a plan. Your business and MSP have learnt how to deal with a situation and how to tweak the process.